Ann's Psychic Services

Wisdom in the Stars

Palm Reading

The palms can tell a wealth of information about one’s life, from past experiences that have shaped us to nearly infinite future possibilities. Ann will trace along the contours of your palm, deciphering the connections to you heart, and interpret valuable lessons to guide you in the right direction. A technique passed down for generations to aid in decision-making, your palms tell a story that we can explore together.

Tarot Cards

For centuries, the tarot have been used to bring incredible revelations to users’ pasts, presents, and futures. They come in many varieties and have been illustrated in many beautiful styles, but no matter the visuals, their effectiveness has remained for generations. Reveal how the cards can assist you with an appointment with Ann.


When your chakras are blocked, you may feel lost and unbalanced in the world. Being able to open the chakras and let the energy flow through your body opens you to new wisdom and a healthier lifestyle. Ann will be your guide to opening each chakra, sharing the meaning behind each step in the process, and allowing you to reach your higher self.

Crystal Reading

Crystals are ancient natural materials that have many different applications for improving one’s well being. Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine and more contain their own unique healing properties and aid in relieving stress and anxiety. Discover the crystal that is most suited to improving your life by consulting Ann for a crystal reading session.